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“Agrivia makes it possible for consumers in big cities to receive fruit and vegetables collected 24 hours before delivery and with low environmental impact”

Agrivia’s mission is to make the food supply chain in big cities more sustainable.

In these areas, food passes through long supply chains before it reaches the table. It is estimated that fresh produce takes on average 5-9 days to reach the final consumer after harvest and 34% of fresh food is wasted.

There are at least 3 intermediaries between farmers and final consumers: distributor, wholesaler and retailer. Moreover, intermediaries can multiply prices between producers and consumers up to 4.7 times for some products, putting the burden of this long chain on those at the extremes: producers and consumers. A long journey also implies high CO2 emissions and polluting gases due to transport and storage.

In order to revolutionise the fresh food sector by offering products directly from farmers close to the consumer and with a positive impact on the environment, a digital fresh produce supply infrastructure was developed that can reduce the delivery time from field to table to 24 hours or less and offer customers the option of home delivery in 2-hour time slots.

The IT infrastructure combined with an innovative logistical approach, based on small warehouses parcelled out in the city, allows for the creation of a new ultra-short supply chain linking the consumer to the local producer. It is important to note that Agrivia is the only service that is able to maintain the km 0 and thus the producer’s locality and distinctive value proposition in each major city served.

WEBSITE: www.agriviaweb.it

PROJECT LEADER: Luca Battagliotti, Raffaele Bernardnello and Flavio Neirotti.

MAIN BENEFICIARIES: Small/medium agricultural producers and responsible consumers

AREAS: Environment, Food & Beverage and Logistics


STATUS: Active



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