Andrea – SINA – Uganda

Social Innovation Academy SINA 1

October 2019 – March 2020

“I find myself today, after 5 months spent in the heart of East Central Africa, writing about something that, first and foremost, changed me as a person, as well as formed me professionally.

In Uganda I did an internship , as a Social Enterprise Consultant through the SIT Global South program, at SINA – Social Innovation Academy. SINA is an association based in Mpigi, a village about 30 km from the capital Kampala, that focuses on social innovation through supporting and training young entrepreneurs, whether local or refugees from neighboring countries, to support and encourage the development of social enterprises. The purpose of the organization is to expand the local economy in a sustainable way, creating a positive impact on indigenous communities and acting on real problems in the country. I think this is the real virtuous development to be implemented in countries like Uganda: creating a market and economic infrastructure from the skills of people, who will be able to generate opportunities for themselves and others in the future.

In particular, at SINA I have been involved in a project to produce natural filters to ensure safe drinking water for schools, families and local communities, which is accompanied by awareness-raising work regarding the risk of diseases from the use of impure water, such as diarrhea, typhoid and cholera. In addition, I have been involved, together with the founding team, in drafting a development plan for their social enterprise so that it can have a concrete positive impact on people’s lives. All this, following the basic principle of free responsibility of SINA, where anyone can contribute to the development and good of others according to their own interests and skills.

To leave is to go out and discover the world, but also and above all to discover oneself; it is to challenge oneself by looking ahead, to grow and be enriched, to feel alive. In a world like the one I discovered, what enriches the experience are the people you meet, the strong and sincere relationships you make, the actions you do with them and for them, the chance to discover their culture and to give yourself smiles.”



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