Arianna – St. Mary’s Matriculation – India

arianna marys india

Research and Innovation Project

October –November 2017

“When I left for Tindivanam, I had no idea of what would have happened in the following 45 days. I knew that I was going to teach English in a private school and that a local family would have taken care of me and given me a place to stay. India represented, then as now, a mysterious and complex world, too difficult to describe in just a few words or some pictures. During these six weeks, however, Indian traditions had changed my habits, making it clear to me what it really means growing up and living in India, especially what it means being a woman, belonging to a caste, believing firmly in a culture that is handed down over generations until it creates such a thick net that it becomes almost impossible to penetrate. At the St. Mary’s I had to teach, but instead I just learnt, of all my beloved students, with whom I shared all my days, I remember every little detail, except their names correctly!”



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