Atelier Riforma

Atelier Riforma

Technology that helps with circular fashion! 

Atelier Riforma is an innovative and socially inspired startup driven by the goal of reducing the environmental impact of the fashion industry with circular transition. 

The startup has pursued this goal by sartorial upcycling: collecting used garments and giving them new life by tailoring them and reselling them online (on the first italian marketplace dedicated to upcycling). The “tailoring network” created by Atelier Riforma includes more than 20 realities in all Italy: from tailors, designers, craftspeople, modelers, fashion schools and social tailors in which people who come from difficult backgrounds work. 

The startup is changing its business model, it’s focusing on technology so as to apply a circular model on a bigger scale. It’s developing the first technology based on an AI that automates the cataloging, the sorting and the digitalization of textile waste, combined with a B2B platform that connects the players in the textile waste collection sector and those in the circular fashion industry. The technology will be called Re4Circular and will make it possible to direct each discarded item of clothing to the most suitable circular destination, including reuse, recycling and upcycling. 

By 2025 in all of the EU separate collection of textile waste will be mandatory and this technology could make Italy the pioneer of circular transition in the fashion industry. The dream is to create a system in which no garment after it has been used is turned into waste, but it’s continuously recovered, transformed and reinserted in the economic cycle, giving it a new value each time. 



PROJECT FOUNDERS: Elena Ferrero, Sara Secondo

SIT MENTOR: Arianna Molino

MAIN BENEFICIARIES: Realities (profit e no-profit) that collect used garments; businesses and professionals of circular fashion 

AREAS: Environment; Waste; Textile-fashion; Circular Economy; E-commerce; New technologies


STATUS: Active


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