Beatrice – 0 Latitud – Italy

Beatrice 0Latitud

Entrepreneurial Project

April – July 2017

“The experience was for sure a positive one. I’m very grateful to Prof. Elena Perondi to have contacted my professor and to have given me this opportunity. It has been a challenge: working in team, but virtually, designing without knowing exactly the potential and the real tools who is going to produce the items; creating a relationship between South America and the Western world. This project gave me a chance to try out a lot of ways of knitting, but looking also at the technical aspect: we created a bridge between two cultures weaving threads, colours, and textures. The difficulty was in the management of all the aspects related to the collection, which is not a typical topic for a thesis: from the development of sizes to patterns; but this helped me improve. I thank my team, it was patient, dynamic and stimulating: the result is a great teamwork.

The zero collection of 0° Latitud is called Weaven Feelings. The original idea is to convey the force of nature and of the colours of Ecuador. It is a real explosion of colours and emotions coming from a painting by the Ecuadorian painter, Oswaldo Guayasamin, together with a poem of his fiend and writer Pablo Neruda.

The poem recalls elements from a powerful nature which bursts into relationships. In fact the poet explains how in a relationship there is not just the fire of passion, but also the flowing of life, and nature is life and it is also strength and colour.

0° Latitud will be presented to the public with a line for women and a line for children.

The traditional South American poncho has been revisited and adapted to be worn every day, even in a cold and hectic European city.

The lateral stitching and the sleeves make these clothes more comfortable and wearable.

The overalls have been revisited, loosened and smart, the colours light up.

All the items are handmade.”



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