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Flamingo Bici Ambulanza

Bike-Ambulance Flamingo

Financing and development of the first prototype of the bike-ambulance for the developing countries.

Flamingo is the project for the building of a bike-ambulance, developed by Marta Alice Fattorossi and Francesco Trabucco, for the developing countries. An ambulance suitable for roads which traditional ambulances cannot use.

Flamingo, connected to any simple bike, allows the transportation of the patient to the nearest hospital, letting the driver monitor the patient constantly.

Thanks to the generous sponsors of the crowdfunding campaign held in February 2016 it has been possible to create the first prototype to validate the project.


The current design was conceived by the designer Marta lice Fattorossi and by Professor Francesco Trabucco who are also the inventors of the linking hook of the ambulance to the bike patented by Politecnico di Milano.

Flamingo innovation consists in its flexibility. In fact, depending on the necessities Flamingo can be used:

  • As sidecar: to transport the patient from the location of the accident to the clinic or to the hospital where he will be cured;
  • As hand-cart: to be able to travel narrow roads that lead into the villages or to enter homes;
  • As trolley: to transport the patient in critical conditions.

Flamingo has been designed to be made of materials, resources and technologies that can be easily found in lthe local areas (bikes, tubes, and structures in pvc, etc.) according to the culture and the customs of the country. The fact that it is easy to use, cheap to produce, and its maintenance  can be made locally allow this project to be carried out by giving jobs to the local workers.

PROJECT LEADERS: Elena Perondi e Marta Alice Fattorossi


PROJECT TYPE: Research and innovation project

MAIN BENEFICIARIES: Poor populations living in rural areas with unpaved roads

AREAS: Economics & Management, Design

COUNTRY: Italy / abroad

SPONSOREppelaBiArtFratelli Doniselli, Renesto Telai

STATUS: Ongoing


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