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Adopt your tree and create your digital orchard

Have you ever wondered where the fruit you buy from the supermarket comes from and how? It seems absurd but even today, in a world where information travels at the speed of light, most consumers know nothing about their fruit. Origin, seasonality, sustainability and safety are characteristics that we would all like to know, but it’s often hard to find. Have you ever thought how it would be nice to be able to receive fresh and healthy fruit directly from the fields, better yet if by a farmer who shows you how he cultivates it?

Well, BIORFARM was born to make it possible! Creating a bond of trust between local organic farmers and consumers who want to know what they put on their table. Origin, food safety and sustainability for everyone, putting in direct contact those who produce food in a sustainable way and those who would always want it on their table.

BIORFARM, is a startup that is revolutionizing the way people approach fresh and organic food purchases, reinventing relationships and interactions between farmers and consumers. A social-marketplace that allows everyone to have their own trees from which they receive real fresh fruit and high quality organic products, coming directly from the best local farmers in the country. Thanks to Biorfarm, you can adopt different types of trees according to your tastes, creating your own digital orchard, get real-time information on the growth progress of your trees through photos and videos directly shared and updated by local farmers and receive organic products directly at home, according to the quantity and frequency that you prefer.

In addition to the best local organic fruits, Biorfarm guarantees a better understanding of the food you eat. At the same time, farmers get benefits in terms of market growth and revenues. Local farmers can reach customers in far-flung regions and market their products in an innovative way, creating digital business!

Our goal is to create a large shared farm, where local people and farmers can share information and products; if you are what you eat, then you must know what you bring to the table. We have created a clear, easy and emotional model that allows everyone to be sure of knowing the fruit we consume. By adopting a tree from a local organic farmer, we not only receive really fresh fruit, with a unique taste because it has just been harvested, but we contribute to the sustainability of the small organic farmers community that is very important for the environmental and social well-being of our country!

LINK: https://www.biorfarm.com

PROJECT LEADER: Osvaldo De Falco


PROJECT TYPE: Entrepreneurial project

MAIN BENEFICIARIES: Small organic farmers and environment

AREAS: Environment & Energy; Economics & Management; Technology & ICT



STATUS: Ongoing


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