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Biova Project

Beer against waste

BIOVA Project is a circular economy project that transforms food waste into raw material, creating added value and sustainability.

Every year, 1.3 billion tonnes of food are wasted worldwide: 345 million tonnes of this at consumer level alone, while more than 200 million are lost during the distribution process.

Biova’s idea starts from the concept that food waste can become a valuable raw material within a double added value production project. In addition to recovering margins along the supply chain, Biova offers the market a “virtuous” end product that respects the environment and people, and whose value is directly reflected in the image of those who produce and distribute it.

Bread has the right to be one of the raw materials for a quality beer, produced according to rules and procedures that are suitable for distribution in traditional and large-scale distribution channels, as well as for HoReCa consumption. Bread can replace about 30% of the malt needed for the production of beer; 150 kg of unsold bread are enough for a “crush” of beer of about 2500 litres.

BIOVA is developed according to the “Gypsy brewing” model, i.e. there is no single brewery producing Biova in all its possible variants. The solution is that the brewmaster defines the recipe, which can be different depending on the type of bread used for the brew, and supports the production to the brewery most suited to the needs in terms of production capacity and location.

WEBSITE: www.biovaproject.com

PROJECT LEADER: Franco Dipietro, Emanuela Barbano

MAIN BENEFICIARIES: GDO, small bakery, responsible consumer

AREAS: Environment, Circular Economy, Food&Beverage


STATUS: Active


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