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Together we can

Unitipossiamo is an initiative born from the collaboration between young volunteers and professionals from all over Italy. SIT is proud to support and be a

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Progettazione microdigestore

Micro-digester planning

Renewable energy for farms and agricultural centers Preliminary planning, sizing and prototype implementation of a simplified small-scale digester. The purpose is to realize a digester

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CoverTwitter Odiarenonesport

Hate is not a sport

Preventing and countering online hate speech in sports “Hate is not a sport” is a project, funded by AICS, that proposes educational paths to prevent

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Progetto senza titolo 24


NATworking is the first network of spaces in nature dedicated to work and study. It found its roots in November 2019, when a group of

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Market Analysis

DoctorApp is the first patented system created to help family doctors with office organization, so as to reduce crowding in the room and cut down

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Buy and sell your school books! Libriciclo is a free website designed in 2020 by two university students from Genoa to buy and sell used

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Ma chi voto


Innovation in political information Democratica is a project aimed at increasing informed participation in voting. For the 2022 elections, the project leaders (Pietro Valfrè, Augusto

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Design and construction of a prototype capable of producing green electricity through rainwater The idea behind this project is that every home or building can

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