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Projects in Italy



Design and construction of a prototype capable of producing green electricity through rainwater The idea behind this project is that every home or building can

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Volunteers App


An app for volunteers travelling to local partners The aim of the project is to develop an app for smartphones that provides the most useful

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SITPolito meets…

Debates and meetings at Politecnico di Torino university SIT Polito and SIT community goals are mainly two: creating and encouraging students’ participation in initiatives related

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Art for Social The project SITARS starts from the awareness that art is more and more an active part of social movements born to meet

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Partecipa a B2SI – Business meets Social Innovation, il nostro SIT Winter Event con l’obiettivo di connettere esponenti di grandi corporate, startup, mentor, investor, student- universitar- e appassionat- di innovazione sociale!

L’evento si terrà il 20 dicembre a Cascina Cuccagna a Milano dalle ore 18.30.