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Fighting the unauthorized sharing of multimedia content through artificial intelligence

CoDe RTD is the first innovative Italian startup that aims to fight the unauthorized sharing of multimedia content from cinema to revenge porn through artificial intelligence.

Illicit sharing of multimedia contents, whether of cinematographic or private nature, is punishable by law in Italy and in many European countries. Yet it’s gaining ground every day. The film industry calculates damage in revenue losses, reaching $52 billion in 2022 with 191 billion visits to pirate sites (out of 7.38 billion people). In Italy, more than 6000 lost jobs, 96 million lost use and 500 million euros lost, all in just one year.

9 million women in the EU have experienced online violence, on Facebook there were more than 51,300 cases of revenge porn, over 14,000 accounts disabled due to revenge porn and about 2450 cases of sextortion – sexual blackmailing – all this not in a year, but in just one month. Only in April 2019 the European copyright directive was approved, this forces member states to adopt a concrete law to limit the spreading of multimedia content protected by copyright and used without authorization.

Since 2020 CoDe RTD has been working on an innovative patented system capable of connecting all the actors concerned by creating a real CoDe-Federation, offering two services that work with each other in a totally automated way, through which the problem can be fought and comply with the european directive.

CoDe RTD is currently developing the first system prototype by establishing relationships with institutions, national and international companies, receiving support from the community. This is because CoDe RTD wants, not only to fight this phenomenon, but also to raise awareness and spread information security, both at low and high level.

WEBSITE: http://www.codertd.com/

PROJECT LEADER: Paolo Costanzo, Loris Dedamiani

MAIN BENEFICIARIES: Video sharing platforms, streaming platforms, multimedia content producers and creators

AREAS: CyberSecurity and LegalTech


STATUS: Active


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