Deborah – HCC – Kenya

Deborah HCC

Research and innovation project

February 2012

Here is the story of Deborah, who went to Nairobi at Havilla Children Centre.

“I was looking forward to the day of my departure: having the chance to work with the staff of the Havilla Children Centre in one of the biggest slums of Africa – Kibera – would have surely been an incredible experience, from a professional point of view as well as the human one. And so it was. During the six weeks I spent in Nairobi I tried my best to find a way to requalify the courtyard of the school with a tight budget. Besides, I designed the new school fulfilling the requests and the desires of Millar, Domitilla, Barnabas, of the other teachers and of the pupils that overwhelmed me with their kindness and dynamism. At the moment we are raising funds to build the new structure of the Havilla Children Centre and I hope that all of you can contribute with a little help to the construction. An experience in Kibera won’t let you disappointed: it will be challenging and enhancing! You won’t forget it!”



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