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The platform to include people with mental disabilities in the workplace

DIVHI aims at including people with mental disabilities in the workplace. The DIVHI platform can combine the interest of companies for CSR projects and people with mental disabilities who are looking for a job.

DIVHI believes in the promotion of individual skills that will be proposed to companies in order to find suitable jobs.

The platform will include companies as well as organizations that offer trainings for the mentally disabled in order to give a 360° degree service to individuals and families.

We believe that a more inclusive and socially sustainable economy can solve the problem of exclusion of disabled people from the labor world and can create opportunities for organizations that share our values.

LINK: www.facebook.com/DIVHI.CO/ 

PROJECT LEADER: Matteo Colombino

MAIN BENEFICIARIES: People with mental disabilities

AREAS: Economics & Management, ICT, Education


STATUS: Ongoing


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