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The tool for the smart doctor

DoctorApp is the first patented system created to help general practitioners in the organization of their practice, in order to reduce crowding in the room and cut down on constant phone calls in the office. The system includes various technological tools that allow you to manage the relationship between the medical facility and the patients. Specifically, it allows you to book an appointment with your general practitioner, specialist or specialized clinics with extreme ease and speed.

Using DoctorApp for a patient is as easy as booking a table at a restaurant. And those unfamiliar with technology can ask a relative for a hand. With the Family Unit function you can book an appointment in a few steps instead of making an elderly parent or grandparent do it.

According to doctors, thanks to DoctorApp over 65% of bookings are managed directly from the app and dashboard so as to lighten the telephone load of the individual doctor by up to 80%. Today DoctorApp boasts 135,000 user downloads, over 40,000 total bookings managed per month (12,000 from mobile) and over 310 doctors who regularly use it as a practice management tool. 87% of doctors, after trying the instrument for an initial period, renew it after two years.

The quality of the App is confirmed by the doctors themselves, among the online reviews that emerge is one of Gerardo Naddeo, general practitioner: “I’m really happy with this app, it changed my life. Before it was hell, I knew when I was going into the clinic but I didn’t know when I was going out. Now I can also report with a message to patients when I go on vacation. I was delighted, booking is very easy for patients, if you want there is also a totem in the clinic, and the effect is that they no longer queue “.

The idea for DoctorApp was born from the desire to solve a social problem, managing to combine two of the most important aspects of our historical period: health and technology. For too long the general practitioner has been abandoned by technological progress, it is time for these two worlds to meet again.


PROJECT LEADER: Alessandro Giraudo

MAIN BENEFICIARIES: Family doctors, patients

AREAS: Health, Tech


STATUS: Active


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