Intelligent and autonomous drones 

The drone market is growing and their use is becoming essential in many fields and industries: agricultural monitoring, environmental, photovoltaic, infrastructural… 

However, the incredible potential of these tools and the advantages that come with them are still tied with limitations, such as the difficulty of their use and the need to employ highly specialized human resources. 

Dromt was conceived to break down these barriers and to make drone technology accessible, functional and easy to use, through the development of three softwares: 

  1. A software, compatible with the main brands, and able to control and handle both the single drone and a fleet of drones. The software is run on an application which has an easy and intuitive interface; it enables the user to set up flight plans easily and functionally so that the drone can film and monitor the desidered areas autonomously. 
  2. A data analysis software, customisable on customer needs, that enables the collection and analysis of images and videos shot by the drone, outputting graphical and statistical analysis of the type of monitoring requested on the base of the field of application in which the drone is employed. 
  3. A support software for specialists during critical operations. This software helps the piloting of the drone both through the default automatic movement features, and the possibility of directly managing a fleet of drones with the same commands, thus handling them simultaneously. 

The employment of these softwares in different fields of applications can bring many benefits both environmentally and socially. Some examples include: monitoring crops to prevent the loss or the damage of wide areas of harvest; monitoring fires in real life using thermal cameras to give valid support to the responsible authorities; and monitoring infrastructures to avoid serious structural accidents. 

WEBSITE: www.dromt.it

PROJECT LEADERS: Luca Testa, Stefano Bazzolo, Dario Gamba

MAIN BENEFICIARIES: Farms, law enforcement, construction companies, drone specialists, fire control stations.

FIELDS: Environment, Construction, Agriculture, Infrastructure, Security


STATUS: in development


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