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Empethy is Italy’s first digital platform supporting the adoption of abandoned dogs and cats by connecting people interested in adopting with voluntary associations operating throughout the country.

Empethy is also the first digital platform dedicated to the world of abandoned dog and cat adoptions, combining the commitment of voluntary associations for animals with that of virtuous companies interested in making an impact on the stray problem in Italy.

Every year, an average of 80,000 cats and 50,000 dogs are abandoned in Italy. These are shocking numbers that continue not to decrease despite the fact that abandoning animals is an offence punishable by imprisonment of up to one year or a fine of up to EUR 10,000. This problem is compounded by another, namely that the facilities set up to house abandoned animals can only accommodate 10 per cent of the total, incurring maintenance costs of more than 100 million euro a year.

In an attempt to curb this problem, Empethy has created a virtuous circular model that connects companies, shelters and adopters, promoting responsible adoptions and improving animal welfare.

Corporate Pet Responsibility’ was in fact created as a response to the widespread problem of stray animals in Italy, recognising the central role of companies in society and the need for their commitment to address this social challenge.

Website: www.empethy.it

Co-founders: Annamaria Barbaro and Lorenza Silvestri

Main beneficiaries: Potential adopters, voluntary associations, CSR-conscious companies.

Areas: CSR, Sustainability, Pet World.

Country: Italy

Status: Active

Year of foundation: 2021


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Loghi schede startup (1)


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