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Engineers, Architects and Designers for Social and Environmental Innovation

Series of meetings and discussions at University

Today the importance of social and environmental innovation is getting more and more acknowledged, but what role do technical figures such as engineers, architects and designers have in this context? The aim of the project is to find already existing and new answers to this question.

This awareness raising project focuses on a series of meetings “The Debate” organised by SITPolimi, in which the participants are asked to confront each other together with experts in several fields in an open discussion. Among the themes already discussed are the connection between Ethics and Business, the role of Smart Working from the perspective of work-life balance and the use of food resources.

In the past meetings we observed the active participation of young students that are becoming more and more interested in this issues and want to develop an authentic dialogue with current actors and with new ones.



PROJECT TYPE: Advocacy project

MAIN BENEFICIARIES: Students of Politecnico di Milano

AREAS: Environment & Energy, Education


STATUS: Ongoing


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