Play as a team, change the reality

Escape4Change is a Turin based startup driven by social and ethical values, whose projects contribute to the objectives of the UN Agenda 2030 for Sostainable Development. They want to generate a concrete change in the world through the immersive and cooperative gaming experience in which the participant is involved in a setting built around a social or ethical theme without age limits e with a wide range of interesting topics. 

The suggested activities are particularly appropriate for team building because, aside from raising awareness for the chosen topic, they also enhance team spirit and coordination between participants. 

Escape4Change offers the client: 

  •  co-design, the activities are determined, designed and customized in coordination with customers and/or devised and customized together with the client and/or the beneficiaries of the activities.
  • expertise, the activities are created in collaboration with non-formal education specialists, game designers and theme experts. 
  • facilitation, the participants are accompanied by professionals who foster the success of the experience. .

The idea of ​​Escape4Change was born within Associazione Eufemia, experimenting with non-formal education techniques. After the first prototype, developed between Italy and Ethiopia, the methodology was refined and extended to several social, environmental and cultural topics.

The Startup has more than 2000 active players and has consolidated skill to create gaming experiences which are both fun and educational. 


PROJECT LEADER: Roberto Tortia


FIELD: Entertainment 


STATUS: Active


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