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“The Digital platform for creative businesses”

Flowerista is a digital platform designed to offer training, consultancy, visibility and job opportunities to those who want to start or grow their business in the creative and cultural sector, with a specific focus on online channels.

We like to say that “we make people flourish”.

Every year, an average of around 500,000 VAT numbers are opened in Italy, and for the first time in 2022, professional activities registered the highest number of openings compared to other categories (around 19% of the total). In the era of large resignations, people increasingly want a future in which they can make use of their talents, freely, independently and in line with their values.

Freelancing therefore becomes a choice, not a fallback. But it is not all sunshine and roses!

How do you find your first clients? How do you differentiate yourself from others? How do you fight isolation? How do you sell your personal brand online? No degree course teaches this.

We do it through a digital subscription – at an affordable price and guaranteed over time – and customised courses.

We want to be a point of reference for the creative professions in Italy and, in the future, in Europe.

Flowerista, starting from its name, is inspired by the concept of diffuse intelligence typical of plants and applies it to the digital world, working with a model of diffuse leadership and a community of people moved by the same values, including kindness and all-round sustainability. It is an open platform, where those seeking an answer know they can find it thanks to collective intelligence.

The team currently has 14 people, but is constantly growing, as are the services offered by the company; in our first year (2022) we supported more than 150 brands in their incubation and go-to-market phase.

WEBSITE: www.flowerista.it

FOUNDER: Sara Malaguti

MAIN BENEFICIARIES: Young people just out of university, people out of the labour market, in particular women aspiring entrepreneurs

AREAS: EduTech, future of work and media


STATUS: Active



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