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The 1st participatory e-grocery in Italy that revolutionizes the relationship between consumers and the distribution chain.

The assortment of shops today does not consider quality. Those who define the assortment of physical and virtual stores do so on the basis of marketing logic that does not take into account the needs of consumers and the true quality of the products. In Foodu it is the customer who creates the selection and creates his ideal store.

Foodu has overturned the selection process: it is not the purchasing department that decides what to sell in Foodu’s e-commerce, but the consumers themselves. Each product, before being put in the catalog, is tested by some special customers called the “Approver” who test the products in exchange for discounts. If the product is healthy and good then it is put up for sale for everyone.

Approvers purchase preview items at discounted prices in exchange for a review done with benchmarking tests. In fact, they compare them with similar products they usually use, thus making the test more effective to find the better products. In one year, more than 1,000 people participated with 22,000 product testing.

Foodu involves the entire supply chain. In fact, the consumers of the community make themselves available to producers and help them improve their products, through an innovative B2B Product Testing service. The B2B service allows you to monetize the community immediately, while the B2C market guarantees enormous scalability. In fact, e-commerce is only a starting point for a product to be brought to physical channels as well. Foodu is not aimed at a niche, it wants to make healthy eating a benefit for all.


PROJECT LEADER: Antonella Fasano

MAIN BENEFICIARIES: producers, consumers



STATUS: Active


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