Fortunale is an Italian company born in Puglia with the aim of creating a natural knitwear line that respects both the environment and the wearer. Fortunale’s sweaters are made of pure organic wool derived from cruelty-free farms and dyed with natural colors obtained from flowers and roots, free of any chemical substance.

In this age it’s very common to see famous fast fashion brands using substances that are harmful to humans and nature. Fortunale’s objective is to combat the abuse of these substances, creating a garment that is 100% natural in every aspect and totally different from the sustainable lines created in recent years. The very name of the company, in fact, is inspired by a wind: just like a storm is characterized by its great strength capable of sweeping away what comes in its way, so Fortunale sets itself the mission of revolutionizing the world of fashion, blowing a wind of change.

This revolution is not just in the product itself, but it also distinguishes the company’s numerous initiatives, creating a real philosophy that will forever accompany the customer who decides to buy one of their garments. 

Some of the initiatives are:

  • Creative and recyclable packaging: the sweater is placed inside a cardboard box, which can be reused as a container and which also contains a drawing made by a local artist.
  • A tree is planted for every purchase: Fortunale, in collaboration with the Semi di Vita agricultural cooperative, has decided to plant a pomegranate tree in land confiscated by the mafia each time a sweater is purchased. Each tree will have an identification number which is embroidered on the back of the sweater, making it a unique piece.
  • Recycling of used sweater: when the customer decides he no longer wants to wear the garment, he can return it free of charge to the company. By doing so, the customer receives a 30% discount on the purchase of a new sweater and Fortunale can recycle and regenerate the fibers of the used garment, without wasting the wool.

Fortunale garments are designed to be recycled: the natural absence of synthetic fibers allows them to be recycled up to 80% and thus producing new raw materials.



MAIN BENEFICIARIES: environment, animals

AREAS: Fashion, Circular Economy


STATUS: Active 


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