Francesca – IIMC – India

Francesca IIMC

Research and Innovation Project

September – November 2016

“Thanks to SIT I was able to spend a month and a half at IIMC (Institute for Indian Mother and Child), an Association based in Kolkata.

The main aim of this experience was that of collecting data on which I developed my master thesis. In addition, the work aimed at evaluating the impact of the participation of women to the microcredit program and to Women Peace Council (WPC).

My main activity was to make questionnaires to women participating in this program. To reach them in the rural areas of the Kolkata slum I was always accompanied by the managers of both programs, Alim for the Microcredit and Rotna for WPC.

I had to develop very different relational skills in order to be able to collect the data as well as to live together with the other volunteers coming from all over Europe, and this is something that you will not find in any book.

During these six weeks (from 29th September to 11th November 2016) I had also the chance to travel around and discover another small part of this incredible and amazing country.

This experience has given me the chance to create the bases for my thesis but also it has enriched me from the human point of you. Living there, adapting to their rhythm and their culture, was not easy, however, their joy and their smile gave me a unique energy every day.

It is a month since I came back and I already feel nostalgic and I hope to go there soon.”



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