Genuine Way

Genuine Way

Blockchain for Sustainability

Genuine Way is a Swiss startup founded in 2019 that specialises in creating transparency between ethical brands and conscious consumers. 

Through the use of blockchain technology – in fact – Genuine Way helps manufacturing companies in consumer sectors (e.g. agrifood, fashion, cosmetics, wine, design..) to highlight their environmental and social values in the eyes of consumers truly interested in these issues, bringing them the deserved competitive advantage that comes with it. 

The startup’s goal is to create an ecosystem of brands and consumers that will nurture a better future, giving consumers the tools to understand and find the positive product, in support of a sustainable economy model at European level. 

In its first year on the market, Genuine Way worked with 40 companies in 7 countries. These brands, through a process of notarizing company documentation on public blockchain, now communicate their social and environmental impact to interested consumers via a qr-code. In this way, the physical product becomes digital and a real touchpoint between company and customer.

The brands in Genuine Way’s present and future portfolio then agree to put their qr-codes into a single network that allows consumers to share them in a circular way, generating sales opportunities and visibility for the whole ecosystem.


PROJECT LEADERS: Walfredo della Gherardesca, Amelia Bassini


MAIN BENEFICIARIES: SMEs in the agri-food, fashion, cosmetics, design and sustainability sectors.

AREAS: Sustainability, Environment

COUNTRY: Italy, Switzerland

STATUS: Active


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