Giorgio – IIMC – India

Giorgio IIMC

Research and Innovation Project

January – February 2017

“My experience with SIT was at the Institute for Indian Mother and Child (IIMC) in Kolkata and the aim was to collect the necessary data to write my master thesis.

My work is the continuation of the previous studies conducted by Francesca in September 2016 and aims at evaluating the involvement in programs such as microcredit and Women Peace Council promoted by IIMC. My task was to distribute questionnaires to the members of the microcredit program and to collect the financial data of the people included in the archives of IIMC branches.

This experience has been without any doubt one of the best ones of my life because it allowed me to live in direct contact to the Indian way of life and to understand deeply its culture. Moreover, it has been an amazing chance to challenge myself in a condition of uncertainty and to find a way to overcome the difficulties I encountered.

I would like to thank the university, IIMC and SIT for giving me this amazing opportunity that I recommend to all of those who want to challenge themselves.”



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