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greenlance® was created to help event organizations become more sustainable, through the implementation of good practices that allow the reduction of socio-environmental impacts on the areas that host them.

greenlance® proposes a new sustainable management model applicable to any type of event, consisting in the adoption and implementation of a series of activities in all stages and the most critical aspects of its management such as the production of waste, transport pollution, energy consumption, etc.

Tangibly, greenlance® offers standard or customizable consulting service packages based on customer needs, which can be purchased online or by requesting a tailor-made quote.

greenlance®️ operates in the country through its “greenlancers”, professionals from the world of events and sustainability with transversal skills, who are guaranteed vertical training that makes them fully operational.

Finally, the greenlance®️ network can count on several partners, who put sustainability at the center of their work and who allow for the implementation of solutions that can operate “turnkey”.

WEBSITE: www.greenlance.it 

PROJECT LEADER: Cristian D’Affuso   

MAIN BENEFICIARIES: Private event organizations and public enterprises

FIELDS: Sustainability, events, environment, social, circular economy


STATUS: Active 


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