Hacking Activism

A hackathon to save rivers

Hacking Activism

Every innovation starts from the idea and the will to change our present, to build a better future. For this reason, for us every act of innovation is an act of “activism” which has the aim of changing reality (for the better). And it is only by putting together our best energies and widespread innovation capacity that it is possible to tackle complex problems and tackle the greatest challenges related to climate change.

For this reason we have decided to organize the first hackathon dedicated to innovating forms of activism and collective participation with the aim of safeguarding the Italian river ecosystem and preserving water resources.

Organized by Platform in collaboration with SIT,  “Hacking Activism” was an event aimed at young people between the ages of 20 and 30 interested in the environmental and social impact of their actions: innovators, startups, companies and activists who want to contribute to the protection of rivers, the preservation of water resources and natural ecosystems.

At this link you can find more information about the project. This is a starting point: we still have a lot to do to protect rivers and generate change.