Planning of a mobile clinic

The mobile clinic Health+ was conceived to give high-quality health service to distant rural areas in South-eastern Asia, giving the local population the chance to prevent, identify and cure the most common illnesses. The clinic can be easily carried by a motorcycle or by a rickshaw and reach even the most remote areas, which usually lack the basic health care services. Once reached the destination the clinic becomes operative within ninety minutes: easy to assemble even by unexperienced users. Besides, Health+ was conceived to be as flexible as possible according to the needs, so that the clinic can be configured in several ways. Completely furnished inside with pull-out furniture, it is equipped with several services and areas designated to promote the correct hygiene practices and to prevent diseases, housing a counselling for women, a paediatrician, a day hospital, a pharmacy and a small surgery.



PROJECT TYPE: Research and innovation project

MAIN BENEFICIARIES: Developing countries

AREA: Architecture

COUNTRY: Italy / abroad



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