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Artificial Intelligence for health and wellness.

Helsetech is an italian startup that works in the nutritional medicine field, it employs innovative technologies and artificial intelligence systems to optimize, in terms of efficiency and effectiveness, the users diets. 

The startup’s objective is to give a safe and scientifically accurate alternative to fad diets and to give everyone who could be interested the chance to be happy with the way they look and to take care of their health with their diet. 

The services developed by the application are focused both on specialists, such as dietitians and nutritionists, via integrated softwares and accessory services; and on patients via an application based on gamification and interaction which could support them mentally and physically. 

The startup offers two services: HELSEPRO, a SAAS for specialists in the nutrition field and MYHELSE, an application for the patients. They are both based on an innovative concept which ensures the possibility of finding in a single place an accessible, efficient and effective solution for any problem the user could encounter on a diet. 

The experiences lived by the founders of the startup pushed them to conceive the idea for the application, they identified and analyzed the problem and they thought about how to apply their skills in a different field from their own. 

WEBSITE: https://www.helsetech.it/wp/

PROJECT FOUNDERS: Simone Grassi, Gianni Macario, Stefano Giannuzzi

MAIN BENEFICIARIES: Medical specialists; patients

FIELDS: Nutritional medicine 


STATUS: Active


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