A home for everyone, a return for you! 

Homes4All is the innovative benefit corporation startup that lowers the housing emergency and promotes urban regeneration.

There are too many homeless families and too many houses without families. Homes4All creates an ecosystem in which:

 – families in need can find decent and accessible homes

 – investors make ethical and profitable investments

Given the current housing problems, Homes4All acquires real estate structures thanks to the support of public and private investors. The properties are then leased to families in temporary difficulty for an affordable rent.

The goal is to renovate and redevelop where needed, and provide accompanying services to new tenants based on the needs of the family unit. In this way, adequate and affordable housing is made available at an economic and temporal level, and support is guaranteed to tenants in conditions of need with the contribution of social services. The support provided is not only of economic nature, but it also translates into help with the insertion or re-insertion into the world of work, thus favoring the empowerment of the family unit and decreasing the risk that this could be dragged again into a difficult situation.

Homes4All’s assistance generates a significant social and economic impact, aimed in particular at:

  • Reducing the number of households in housing emergency
  • Improving personal and family well-being and empowerment
  • Decreasing the impact on the cities’ social services
  • Promoting urban regeneration
  • Building an innovative impact finance model


PROJECT LEADER: Mario Montalcini 

MAIN BENEFICIARIES: families in difficulty, investors

FIELDS: rental of real estate, (redevelopment, social impact)


STATUS: active


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