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Humus Job

Network of ethical farms

Since 2019, Humus – an innovative start-up with a social vocation – has been working to combat irregular work and exploitation in agriculture, offering concrete tools for farms to increase their economic sustainability so as to overcome the problems associated with the regular hiring of labour.

Humus helps farms to find the labour they need, only for the period they need it. It does this through the Network Contract, which allows companies to take advantage of an Agricultural Job Sharing service: labour sharing between companies makes hiring sustainable and, at the same time, ensures that farm workers have a regular contract throughout the year thanks to the seasonal circularity of production.

Through HumusJob, Italy’s first agricultural job sharing platform, companies in the sector can quickly find the labour they need for the period they need it.

Humus issues companies that choose to join the Humus Job ecosystem with an ethical seal of quality of employment, which allows for dedicated online promotion on their website and social channels, so that virtuous companies finally have a showcase in which to make themselves known.

WEBSITE: https://www.humusjob.it

PROJECT LEADERS: Claudio Naviglia, Elena Elia, Luca Barraco


PROJECT TYPE: Entrepreneurial project

MAIN BENEFICIARIES: Companies and workers in the agricultural sector

AREAS: Job Sharing, Human Resources


STATUS: Active


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