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Il Club dei giocattoli

The new way of sustainable play

www.clubdeigiocattoli.com is an online platform for families with children from 0 to 12 years of age who fall into the ”premium” bracket of the market (medium/high cultural and social bracket) and collaborates with toy companies with the mission of playing an active role in the evolution of consumption, with a view to Sustainability, Sharing and Circular Economy.

Club dei giocattoli is aimed at parents who wish to offer their children ever-changing stimuli and experiences to accompany them as they grow and stimulate their imagination, but without having to buy an inordinate number of toys piling up in their bedroom, avoiding unnecessary waste and educating children to a conscious attitude according to the values of exchanging, sharing and caring for objects.

The service for parents and children gives them the opportunity to try out the toys and then decide whether to buy them or return them.

In practice, parents can order toys online and at the end of the rental period (1 month) can decide whether to return them free of charge or buy one or more toys at a reduced price. Returned games are sanitised and put back into circulation.

WEBSITE: www.clubdeigiocattoli.com

PROJECT LEADER: Alessandra Garini, Vittorio Lepre

MAIN BENEFICIARIES: b2c (families with children 0-12 years old), b2b (the Club as corporate welfare and hotel services)

AREAS: Environment, Circular Economy,


STATUS: Active



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