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Book – Game app for deaf children

iLIS is an innovative application created for the instruction of LIS –Italian Sign Language – to deaf and hearing impaired children, or children who do not have hearing disabilities ages 5-9. iLIS includes a story (the first ever developed for “the Little Mermaid”), a book-game and a glossary. On the screen appear both the page with written text, which a child’s voice narrates, and a video with a sign language interpreter to help guide the child through the story. Within the story, there are selectable key words that can be played and replayed in a video and translated in the LIS alphabet.  These key words are accessible at any point during the story by using the “Glossary” function.  At the end of every chapter, the user can play a game aimed at strengthening the understanding of the key words encountered while reading the chapter. iLIS can be used by the hearing disabled and by non-hearing impaired alike, and is useful both for who doesn’t yet know how to sign LIS and for those who already have a working understanding of the language. Children may use the system on their own, or they may be accompanied by an adult (either an instructor or family member) interested in sign language. The adult can help the children to learn LIS while simultaneously learning it alongside them.

The project is currently in the design and graphics production phase. However, the development of the app software and the assembly of the videos in which the story is signed in LIS have already been finished.

PROJECT LEADER: Diana Militano


PROJECT TYPE: Research and innovation project

MAIN BENEFICIARIES: Hearing impaired children and their families and teachers

AREA: Design, ICT, Education


STATUS: Ongoing


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