Impact Skills

Impact Skills

Social innovation starts from skills 

ImpactSkills is the first digital platform where you can acquire skills, meet, plan and work in the Third Sector and in International Cooperation in Italy. 

It combines digital innovation and social purpose through a multifunctional platform that helps young people to find jobs in the nonprofit field and it helps institutions to redefine or enhance their impact strategies.

There are complete live training courses on the platform and these are aimed at acquiring professional skills, which can be used immediately in the social and international cooperation fields. Each educational path is divided into several modules, which can be assembled according to the needs of each user. 

Because everyone is different, ImpactSkills also offers customizable services to guide the individual in personal and professional growth.

Aside from training courses, ImpactSkills guarantees:

  1. An initial assessment to identify the potentials and the shortcomings of one’s business and to set up a sustainability strategy;
  2. A personalized Coaching desk to support the individual in job decisions;
  3. A mentoring service that helps the individual to orient himself and to enter the world of International Cooperation.
  4. Three themed communities for exchange, co-planning and social learning.

With its educational paths focused on impact innovation, ImpactSkills is committed to promoting an innovative and supportive model of social action.


PROJECT LEADER: Silvia Pochettino

FIELDS: Education


STATUS: active


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