Incubatore Dakar 1


Study and classification of social incubators

Africa is the country of the future, but at the moment not everything is working well. Infrastructures, supporting programs, and labour force are all critical elements for the economic development that require skills and perseverance, that now are insufficient. A brave French businesswoman, tired of the failure of public policies and of the limits of cooperation projects, has decided to open an incubator, Magic Tagwa in Dakar, Senegal. At the moment the incubated start-ups deal in fashion and in the distribution of medicines, but an entrepreneurship school is planned. The project includes the study and the classification of social incubators, especially the ones based in Senegal, and the development of a method of business coaching suitable for the African situation.

PROJECT LEADER: Michele Coletti


PROJECT TYPE: Research and innovation project

MAIN BENEFICIARIES: African start-ups

AREAS: Economics & Management, Education


PARTNER & SPONSOR: Magic Tagwa, Dakar Senegal



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