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Instilla is a digital consulting company that designs and implements strategies to connect people to brands (and brands to brands) and works to bring value through digital.

The company approaches projects following six values:

·        Reliability to create long-lasting relationships.

·        Empathy to understand the point of view of others.

·        Collaboration, the sharing of knowledge.

·        Information, constant information, and training.

·        Passion, the drive to always give the best.

·        Endurance, the constant self-improvement.

Instilla’s mission is to guide companies in embracing the digital revolution by providing them with skills, tools, methods, and strategies.

The company’s areas of expertise range from digital marketing to digital transformation, designing customer journeys that are functional to the achievement of strategic objectives. Instilla focuses on conversion marketing and digital strategy and thanks to its Technology and Innovation team, it is able to respond to all the different digital needs, from strategy to implementation.

The company’s vision is to make digital marketing a tool for everyone, becoming an example of it. For this reason, it is committed to improving the ecosystem of the Italian digital world through Academy activities, publications and papers on the state of digitization in Italy.

WEBSITE: https://www.instilla.it/

PROJECT FOUNDERS: Fabio Lombardi and Massimo Monzio Compagnoni


AREAS: Marketing; Digital


STATUS: Active


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