Jacopo – Asociación Arrabal-AID – Spagna

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“I left for Malaga in mid-August with an unusual peace of mind. I learned about the possibility of leaving with SIT Global only a couple of months before and had sent, almost instinctively, an email to apply thinking “come on, why not?”

It was my first major departure abroad since Covid and it was one of the first times I would find myself living alone, for a full month, abroad in a city I did not know.

The arrival in the city was peaceful, the city itself and its people welcomed me and I felt at home right away. It was wonderful to jump into the adventure and wander around those streets, immersed in that typical Arab architecture, discovering something new.

Then, when I entered into the offices of Arrabal (a non-profit that promotes social impact projects in the territory of Málaga and Andalusia) and met the communications team, I immediately felt welcomed by all.  

During my month there I worked on creating some pages for their website and helped with projects such as teaching digital skills to a group of elderly people from Poland and selecting short films to submit to a festival that would be held soon. The experience was very formative also, and especially, in expanding my horizons about what it means to work in digital!

Clearly, the moments of discouragement where I felt lonely were not lacking, I think it is normal in this case, they are necessary to grow!

In a new city, in a new country and in a new work experience, I had the opportunity to challenge myself, to learn and to improve.

I will always carry with me the memory of the waterfront walks under the palm trees in which to find a moment to let go of my thoughts, the frenzy of the city starting to pop in the morning, the colleagues at work who welcomed me, and the family atmosphere in the office.”


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