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The eco-friendly alternative for movie sets.

Makegreen is an Italian startup supporting environmental protection and developing innovative solutions for the film industry.

A film set produces every day a big amount of pollution that comes from the use of plastic material and props, from fossil combustion vehicles used for people transport, from Watts wasted by obsolete lighting systems and uninterruptible power supplies still working with fossil combustion engines.

Makegreen proposes solutions to counter this phenomenon with practices that respect the 3R principle “Reduce – Reuse – Recycle“.

The startup’s core business lies in biocatering: a catering that uses only organic and fair trade or km 0 raw materials, non-intensive farmed meats, bio-compostable packaging, correct food portions to avoid food waste, menu designed to have a minimal environmental impact compared to the standard menus of “traditional” sets.

Makegreen is also starting projects which can make movie sets 100% eco-friendly: sustainable services for transport, energy supply and consumption.

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