Margherita – PRAYAS – India

Margherita prayas

Research and innovation project

July – August 2016

“Last summer SIT gave me the chance to work as an intern at Prayas – Organization for Sustainable Development, NGO based in the Indian State of Gujarat. During this Internship, which has taken place in the months of July and August, I have undertaken a dual task. My first aim was to collect data, interviews and information for my thesis about the formalization of the microfinance sector. For this specific purpose, Prayas made completely available its database, its financial reports and the experience of its personnel, enabling me to deliver the best piece of work possible. Moreover, I was in charge to write the annual report for investors and stakeholders. This allowed me to know more about both the social wing and the microfinance wing in which the organization is divided, to discover all the projects and to talk with various members of the team and with clients living in urban and rural areas. Thanks to this role I have been assigned, I was able to develop a comprehensive perspective on Prayas and of its activity. During the period spent in India, I was also kindly given a couple weeks free to travel across the incredible India; this made this experience even more defining and unforgettable.”



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