Matteo – DIVHI – Italy

Matteo divhi italia

Entrepreneurial project

December 2016

“My idea originated from a relationship with a special person. Francesco, my brother. Franci is autistic, nevertheless he has always been a successful example to follow in my path of growth. However, he was in a different situation compared to the majority of his other classmates. When he finished high school, we found ourselves in front of a not easy question. “What will Franci do from now on?”

At the time there was nothing that could provide him a suitable professional development for its capabilities. So we hired him, he joined as an employee in the family business. The result was surprising. He was able to integrate and he gave an effective contribution recognized by his colleagues. We were able to prove that my brother could play an active role within the economic system.

Hence my proposal, why not giving the same opportunity to all those people like Francis who would like to get involved?

Not allowing people with intellectual disabilities to prepare themselves for the future, it represents a personal defeat, but also a monumental waste of human talent.

Thus DIVHI was born, a winning answer to those who want to show their peculiarities.

A system where companies can track, understand and know the potential of people like Franci.”


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