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Merits is an innovative SME, a benefit corporation, and a B Corp that, since 2019, has been engaged in social innovation projects born from the union of technology and design thinking, culminating in the creation of local complementary currencies designed to reward virtuous behaviors of citizens and operate in synergy with advanced gamification techniques that enable long-term engagement.

Merits was created to inspire, help, and recognize people in their daily choices of self-care, community care, and environmental care. It builds relationships and places of inspiration, reciprocity, and empowerment with all involved stakeholders.

The platform allows companies and public institutions to effectively and sustainably engage people in projects with social and environmental impact, producing objective impact data and multiplying the impact of the initiatives promoted in their reference territories, thereby strengthening the local and sustainable economy.

Merits also operates in partnership with organizations with social and environmental impact, enabling their clients and users to participate in a sustainability meta-game that enhances the entire sustainability ecosystem’s capacity to create engagement and high-quality impact data.

WEBSITE: www.merits.it

PROJECT LEADERS: Roberto Sanlorenzo and Ligia di Cunto

MAIN BENEFICIARIES: Companies, public institutions, and individual citizens

AREAS: Sustainability


STATUS: Active



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