With MeWe Abitare Collaborativo you have more than a home! In fact, we do not build simple homes that are affordable in cost, we facilitate relationships.

MeWe Abitare Collaborativo is the social enterprise that seeks homes and makes places for those people and families who are neighbors, because they know each other and know how to be together, choose and decide before they become neighbors of a community of cohousers. Its main characteristic is its ability to combine technical-administrative assistance with community making.

MeWe Abitare Collaborativo is a social enterprise that deals with cohousing and it realizes a housing structure in which private homes are associated with other spaces that cohousers use sometimes with all neighbors, sometimes together with family members and friends, and sometimes in a little of these and a little of those. It has as its mission the accompaniment of families to become their own entrepreneurs in making their own cohousing.

At MeWe Abitare Collaborativo we strive for housing to be a more affordable commodity because it is necessary to ensure that individuals and families can also think about their own dreams and needs as the realization of their homes exhausts all other life opportunities and aspirations.

MeWe’s services extend along all stages of the housing cycle so that true small intentional communities are achieved, such that being neighbors becomes a community of inhabitants.   

For us at MeWe Abitare Collaborativo, it is important that those who rely on us are accompanied by the community maker with expertise, skill, and attention to take ownership of the methods that empower them to share thoughts, choose among options, and decide together.  

Anyone and every type of family can find cohousing suitable for them: from the young to the over 65s, from singles to new citizens, from large families to the single parent or even elderly parents with handicapped children or those who want to live independently. All these types of families have different housing needs and often have very specific needs. We at MeWe Abitare Collaborativo know that specific needs are matched by complementary skills, skills that when made available to others, become mutual support, mutual aid, safe looks and mutual attention. 


PROJECT LEADER: Lucio Massardo

MAIN BENEFICIARIES: young couples, small young families, single parents, the independently disabled, large families, immigrant families, the elderly

AREAS: social housing


STATUS: Active


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