Progettazione microdigestore

Micro-digester planning

Renewable energy for farms and agricultural centers

Preliminary planning, sizing and prototype implementation of a simplified small-scale digester. The purpose is to realize a digester that can produce the energy needed to sustain the household, to make up for the scarcity of alternative and clean sources that are economically and environmentally sustainable. The system may be proposed in settings such as small farms or ranches, using only organic waste substances. Moreover, in addition to biogas, the anaerobic digestion process generates, as a by-product, digestate, which, depending on the quality of the material used, can be an excellent and nutrient-rich fertilizer to spread on agricultural soil. In addition, the project could play a major role in promoting the social and economic development of the areas involved, through the creation of jobs for the construction and operation of the plants and through greater autonomy in access to locally produced energy.

PROJECT LEADERS: Giacomo Rossi, Lorenzo Granato

PROJECT TYPE: Research and innovation project.

MAIN BENEFICIARIES: An initial test has been done in Kibera, but it can be applied in any developing country

AREA: environment

COUNTRY: Italy/foreign

STATUS: in progress



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