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Smart metering and energy analysis tools

Midori is an innovative SME, which offers advanced energy analysis and smart metering services, through data analytics and machine learning for citizens and enterprises.

NED is Midori flagship product. This is the first home assistant solution, which combines efficacy, efficiency and comfort all together. Ned is an unprecedented smart meter capable of calculating household appliances consumes, via metering tool, safely connected to the home electric panel. No system and no electrician effort required.

It works by a new non-invasive electrical load detection cloud-based software, based on NILM and machine learning technology, able to recognize the main various appliances, by analysing the entire home energetic consumes and categorizing each consumption source.

Ned is easy-to-use and gets most advanced energy saving services. There are a number of services offered in the Ned App. Beside measuring energetic consumes, Ned can also:

  • predict how much you would pay your bill at the end of the month. Ned shows which are the least efficient devices, identifying waste energy and giving you personalized saving options.
  • alert how many times you overreached your contract energy consumption limit or about irregular energy expenditure.
  • keep track on unwanted consumption, such as night-time or device standby consumes, which cause energy waste.
  • proactively detect appliances power failure via consumption analysis.
  • suggest which inefficient or prone to get broken down home appliance you should replace. It shows you better and more efficient appliances available on the market, based on user energy consumption profile.

“About 4 billion € is wasted because bad energy consumption behaviour. 89% of Italian families stated they are not aware about home energy consumption, they don’t know how much they spend on energy, and they don’t have any appropriate tool to know about energy consumption”.

Ned addresses those needs and let you reduce those energy spoils, by providing you innovative services, binding together technology and social needs.

LINKS: Midori Website: http://it.midorisrl.eu/

             Fb: https://www.facebook.com/Ned.midori/

             Ned Website: https://ned.midorisrl.eu/

PROJECT LEADERS: Christian Camarda


PROJECT TYPE: Entrepreneurial Project

MAIN BENEFICIARIES: Families, Towns and Public Administration, Energy Suppliers 

AREAS: Energy Efficiency and Sustainability, Technology & ICT 


STATUS: Ongoing


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