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NATworking is the first network of spaces in nature dedicated to work and study. It found its roots in November 2019, when a group of young urban regenerators from all over Italy combined personal desires and the needs of a rapidly changing world of work, giving birth to this project. NATworking aims to encourage local development and soft tourism in suburban areas by networking a community of people who want to improve their living, working and leisure conditions while enriching individual relationships. 

The project revolves around three pillars:

  1. NATworking: the creation of a network of spaces where people can work/study remotely immersed in a natural environment;
  2. NETworking: the establishment of a user community that enhances sharing experiences;
  3. NOTworking: access to quality leisure and incentive for stress-work-related prevention.

NATworking makes it possible to carry out one’s professional activity in an environment surrounded by nature bringing benefits not only in terms of work and study performance, but also contributing to mental and physical well-being, helping to prevent work-related stress symptoms, among the great evils of our society.

With NATworking, it is like having an office with a view of the mountains or by the lake, without giving up office comforts. On the natworking.eu website, you can book your study and workstation within facilities located in suburban areas in the territories of Piemonte, Valle d’Aosta and Liguria. All facilities are equipped with Internet connection, electrical outlets and dedicated spaces for teamwork.

Through the online platform, it will also be possible to get in touch with professionals who wish to share knowledge and experiences of sustainable living, as well as learn about leisure activities spread throughout the host territories. 

NATworking is a project of NATworking APS, implemented together with project partners Ass. Dislivelli, Alle Ortiche APS and Coop. NEMO. The project is implemented with the contribution of the Company of San Paolo Foundation and the Banca Carige spa Foundation.


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