NearP Launcher


Design and planning of an interface for smartphones for the women of developing countries

How can a person with little technical knowledge take advantage of the possibilities offered by a smartphone? How can this particular powerful tool be used by women in developing countries?

The idea is to simply answer to this question making available those features that can be helpful for this kind of users, letting them take advantage of the possibilities offered. Therefore, a modular launcher was developed, whose first version includes the implementation only of the basic features. Later, when the user has become familiar with the device, advanced features can be activated. The designed interface is very simple and uses an intuitive series of icons without written words to overcome the problems related to the language or illiteracy and it provides easy access to the main apps through few simple gestures.

PROJECT LEADERS: Diana Militano, Domenico Vito, Ruggero Golini


PROJECT TYPE: Research and innovation project

MAIN BENEFICIARIES: Women in developing countries

AREA: Technology & ICT

COUNTRY: Developing countries



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