Njorro Gaye Njorro Skill Academy

Njorro Gaye Njorro Skill Academy – Gambia

Professional training school

The Njorro Gaye Njorro Skill Academy is a professional training school for disadvantaged people. Founded in Banjul (capital of The Gambia) by Fatou Saine Gaye, an entrepreneur who studied and worked in England, it was honored in 2016 by the United Nations Trade and Development Agency (UNCTAD) for its high social impact.

Njorro Gaye Njorro Skill Academy offers courses in hairdressing/beautification, cooking/catering, and PC repair and use in two main locations, at Banjul and in Farafenni. To expand activity and impact, the introduction of new courses based on local market needs and transferable skills is being considered.

The Gambia is among the poorest countries in the world, with a very high level of unemployment and a dramatic lack of skills. However, after the last elections in the country there is a social and political climate of hope and openness to external assistance.

Collaborations with SIT include:

  • Drafting business plans for school expansion and seeking institutional donor.
  • Training for school teachers: experts in craft trades including technical trades (e.g. carpentry, electrical installations, solar installations, etc.) or food processing

Project Leaders: Michele Coletti

SIT Community Leader: SITMilano

Type of project: Entrepreneurial project

Primary Beneficiaries: Students of Njorro Gaye Njorro Skill Academy, their families and communities, represented by Mrs. Fatou Saine Gaye, founder and executive director.

Areas: Education, Business & Management

Countries: The Gambia (Bajul and Farafenni areas)

Status: Active


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