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Online Libraries

Private libraries archives that can be consulted online

In Milan, as in other Italian cities, there are several libraries of institutions, foundations, schools, associations, and so on, whose archives are not available online. This means that the books, the publications and the manuscripts they have are unattainable. There is no public service that enables these libraries to publish their archives online. Usually many of these libraries do not have opening hours. Moreover, there are a lot of private libraries that have rare or not easily accessible books which their owners would be glad to borrow or make them available for public consultation. On the other hand, especially in university cities, there is a public of students and scholars that could be interested in this kind of publications.

The project includes the creation of a website that will publish the archives of these private libraries. It will be also possible to know where other publications or books are, to know information about the opening hours and to contact privates to borrow or consult the works. Of course the website will allow to contact privates in an anonymous way.

A next improvement of the service could include additional features in the website, such as the possibility to use it to classify the works owned by a library and to manage the borrowings. When possible, public platforms, such as regional ones, would be used to supplement the website. Lastly, works and manuscripts not protected by copyright could be scanned.

PROJECT LEADERS: Giorgio Di Maio, Arianna Molino


PROJECT TYPE: Research and innovation project

MAIN BENEFICIARIES: Libraries in institutions, foundations, schools, associations, etc.

                                        Students and scholars

AREAS: Technology & ICT, Economics & Management


STATUS: Ongoing


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