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Orange Fiber

Sustainable and innovative fabrics from citrus by-products

Orange Fiber is the Italian company that has patented and produces sustainable fashion fabrics from by-products of industrial orange pressing.

With the collaboration of the Milan Polytechnic, an innovative process was developed in 2012 that potentially makes it possible to transform the more than 700,000 tonnes of by-product that the citrus processing industry produces every year in Italy alone – and which would otherwise have to be disposed of at great cost to the citrus juice industry and the environment – into a high-quality fabric.

The process was patented in Italy in 2013 and extended to international PCT in 2014. The brand has been registered and the production chain has been developed involving the excellence of the sector. The first fabric prototypes were presented in 2014, in 2015 the pilot plant in Sicily was inaugurated, in 2017 the first fashion collection with fabrics from citrus fruits was presented by the Salvatore Ferragamo brand and in 2019 Orange Fiber was included in the Conscious Exclusive Collection of the Swedish giant H&M.

LINK: http://orangefiber.it/



PROJECT TYPE: Entrepreneurial project

MAIN BENEFICIARIES: Orange Fiber is a B2B2C company, which means that we produce fabrics for premium and luxury fashion brands involving also the final consumer who will use the garments made in Orange Fiber with awareness and product information campaigns, promoting the values of sustainability, innovation and well-being at the basis of our brand.

Our customers are therefore divided into two segments, on the one hand fashion companies looking for innovative and sustainable materials for their collections and on the other hand, fashion consumers who are more aware and demanding with regard to environmental and social protection, well-being and a healthier and more responsible lifestyle.

Our dream is to make Orange Fiber the leading Italian company in the segment of sustainable textiles through a “green” production of cellulosic textiles from renewable sources and to create a textile brand that is highly recognizable and differentiated from others for its commitment to environmental protection and the transparency of the entire production chain.

AREAS: Environment & Energy; Design


STATUS: Active


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