Urban guides for transformative traveling

ORMA is a startup with the goal of helping people generate a positive impact through their travels. This is done by publishing urban guides which support local communities and the city, and which gives the traveler the opportunity to choose how to be an active participant in social and volunteering activities and become a transformative traveler.

Do you know what covers 2% of earth’s surface and consumes 75% of the world’s annual energy resources? The cities and the way in which we inhabit, live and visit them, 

Now, with this data at hand, ORMA wants to create a new way of approaching traveling by focusing on the travelers who become active agents in bettering and changing the world. 

For ORMA, every travel is a circular experience: on one hand, the cities offer its tourists unique experiences and unforgettable moments; on the other, everyone of us can use our time and energies to participate in projects of urban renewal, social activities and to mindfully choose how to act in a sustainable way, from an environmental and collective point of view.   

ORMA’s guide are divided in five type of activities: every activity offers a selection of experiences and purpose-driven actions which support the transformation and the giving-back by promoting sustainable tourism: 

  • Stay: accommodation and working spaces environment-conscious 
  • Locally: a selection of restaurants, shops, local business and expositions that puts you in contact with the local community 
  • Take action: to give back for the hospitality of every city by actively participating in the activities sponsored by the volunteering organizations active in that area.
  • Earthy: green areas and trips in wilderness areas not far from the cities. 
  • Culture: the main cultural, artistic and social sights. 

Everyday we can leave a positive impact on the world. 

Take part in the change, transform your travel.

WEBSITE:  https://ormaguides.com/


MAIN BENEFICIARIES: Travelers, no profit organizations, local businesses

AREAS: Sustainable cities and communities, Traveling, Life on land

COUNTRY: Italy and abroad

STATUS: Active, launching by september 2024


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