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Circular economy (reuse) for electronic devices

RiCompro is the startup that extends the life of electronic devices, embracing the dictates of the circular economy and environmental sustainability. 

Through a web platform, used phones, computers and tablets are evaluated for free and purchased by riCompro.

Once collected from your home for evaluation, the startup refurbishes and regenerates them, thanks to its team of certified technicians.

The devices are then put back on the market, in working order, as good as new, with support and a 2-year warranty and at half price on the shop for certified used refurbished iPhones, Samsung Galaxy and MacBooks.

reCompro democratises access to the latest and penultimate generation of devices and helps to protect the environment. Reducing the impact on the environment is achieved by reducing waste and upgrading existing products. A refurbished iPhone or Samsung Galaxy saves up to 80KG CO2, precious resources compared to a new device, as well as costing on average up to 50% less!

WEBSITE: https://www.ricompro.it/

PROJECT LEADERS: Fabian Thobe & Alessandro Faccin


PROJECT TYPE: Entrepreneurial project

MAIN BENEFICIARIES: Individuals in need of a new device, Environment

AREAS: Circular Economy, Environment and Sustainability, Technology & ICT


STATUS: Active


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