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The digital solution for Home Care

Sencare is the intelligent cloud-based assistant that allows you to choose, organise and supervise home care, providing the independence and peace of mind that Care Providers and their families need.

Sencare connects Care Providers, Professionals, Residents and Care Givers, making the delivery and monitoring of home care more efficient, and enabling both Providers and families to supervise the quality and timeliness of services received by the Resident.

Sencare’s online suite includes advanced features for managing the team of caregivers and professionals, including interactive caregiver activity planning, a shared communication channel, and simplified management of daily to-do lists.

The advantages of Sencare thus revolve around the concept of the caregiver’s diary, i.e. a single point of collection of events related to the caregiver’s life, whether related to care activities or other events.

Thanks to Sencare’s shared channel, facilities, carers and family members can have a common view of the resident’s needs and current condition. The aim is to coordinate to best support the independence and quality of life of the resident, helping them to live in the comfort of their own home or wherever they choose to reside.

Sencare is a startup born within Startup Bakery, the Italian startup studio specialising in the creation of sustainable B2B SaaS companies with elements of Artificial Intelligence.

WEBSITE: www.sencare.io


MAIN BENEFICIARIES: Care Providers, Professionals, Residents and Care Givers

AREAS: Health, Tech


STATUS: Active


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